Hiring Steven was quite possibly the best decision of my life! Steven took the time to hear every single one of my concerns and address them in an extremely clear, concise and thorough manner. He guided me through the notoriously complicated and stressful process of probate with the utmost of compassion and dedication. Thank you Steven! Andrew Gold

I am a new attorney practicing in Allegheny County–the opposite side of the state from Attorney Fromm. Attorney Fromm and I have never personally met, but recently I contacted him to guide me through a legal issue for a client because, judging from his credentials and reviews, I was confident he could point me in the right direction. Attorney Fromm did not have to take my call, but he did, and I must say that his reputation as an expert estate and tax attorney precede him well. I think most attorneys would have shrugged off a young attorney calling in to their office asking for guidance (especially one they did not know); however, Attorney Fromm patiently and kindly answered my questions and alleviated any uncertainties I had.

There is no question that what Attorney Fromm did on my behalf was a rarity for our profession. He was professional and knowledgeable, and I cannot imagine that he is anything less with his clients. Surely, if other attorneys can rely on Attorney Fromm’s advice, client’s should feel comfortable and confident in doing so. I would highly recommend his services (and will do so) to any client with an estate or tax issue. Ryan James

Steven Fromm is very knowledgeable in many areas of the law, but extremely knowledgeable in estate planning. He took the time to understand how I wanted my estate distributed and he was also able to make many recommendations that I had not even contemplated. He took the time to answer all of my follow up questions to ensure all my needs were met. He is compassionate and cares about his clients and their families as people. I’m very glad to have met him and have him as my attorney. Leslie B.

Steven has been instrumental inhelping my partner and I to create a secure and satisfying estate plan, which meets or exceeds all of our wishes and contains contingencies for everything from medical issues to wealth management and living wills. In this process, Steven has also become a friend. If you need Estate Planning, Tax Advice, a Will or a trust, etc., we highly recommend Steven Fromm, Esquire. He will listen and be sensitive to your unique situation. Patrick

I found Steven Fromm online while searching for a lawyer to help me set up my Non-Profit company.  I was very concerned about giving another lawyer my money because I had worked with a different lawyer a couple months before and that lawyer did not do anything that he had promised. Mr. Fromm is one of the best, if not the best, tax attorney that I’ve ever met.  I’ve worked with many lawyers throughout my career and he is the best that I have ever worked with.  He takes on your case like he would his own.  He is also incredibly knowledgeable in his field.  When he says he’s going to do something, he does it immediately.  He is not just a wonderful lawyer, but also a wonderful person.  I would recommend Mr. Fromm to anyone. Erica Matthews

Steve Fromm was extremely helpful to my wife and myself in preparing the legal documents for our estate planning as well as responding to our federal and state income tax inquires. He was a very good listener as to our needs and structured his replies in everyday language that my wife and I could understand. He asked thought provoking questions and made recommendations to enhance our goals.He was very timely with both his verbal and written responses. We receive occasional e-mails from him addressing matters which could impact us and we never hesitate to contact him when we have a change with our personal circumstances. His knowledge of the law as well as his practical approach to an issue are very much valued by us. Paul Voss

Steve Fromm is a superb lawyer and I highly recommend him! After a terrible experience with a previous lawyer, I entered his office feeling very deflated, confused and discouraged.  However, I left his office feeling enthusiastic and eager to get down to business.  My situation was very unique, I needed his expertise for an array of things and Steve was able to address all of my needs.  With a limited timeframe and an extreme amount of obstacles to overcome he worked meticulously, diligently and accomplished extraordinary results.  His professionalism is incomparable and I am forever grateful. Renice Cox

After several futile attempts at overall estate and financial planning with other attorneys, I sought a recommendation from a trusted financial intermediary. Steve Fromm had provided outstanding client service to a mutual client of theirs with needs similar to mine.

I wanted someone to review everything that had been done for me (or is it TO me) by previous counsel. This included a review of my will, a Family Limited Partnership, several Trusts, beneficiary designations, custodianship arrangements, a pre-nuptial agreement, various “Powers”, etc..

In addition, and MOST important to me, was a tool (or model) which would readily depict the outcomes of my choices regarding my estate in a QUANTITATIVE fashion; that is translate those lengthy legal documents from words into numbers! Personally I have nothing against words, but numbers move me….

Needless to say, I was delighted when Steve responded to that request, within a day or so, with a financial model which instantly caught my attention. We filled in and polished up some account values, asset list, etc., and voila, there it was, a spreadsheet document that served as the “guide” for all other subsequent work including the will, pre-nuptial agreement, trusts and the like. This same request had been made of several other attorneys with whom I worked in the past, and it was either ignored, blown off, or messed up in some way.

Steve worked diligently with me to get a clear understanding of my particular wishes, which included at least a few unusual and special nuances. His interpretation of my sometimes vague answers was wonderful. Generally within a few hours, and certainly within a day, a new or revised analysis, spreadsheet or document would show up ready for review.

His diligence forced me to be a better client! Historically I have gotten bogged down on thorny issues, torturing myself to come up with the perfect answer. More than a few of these “thorny” items came up over the course of our engagement. I’m picturing a bewildered Steve on the other end of the phone, as I yammered my way through some answer that was far more difficult than the question warranted. Steve was patient and would reel me back in, than offer either an on the spot strategy or suggestion, or would follow up by e-mail or phone call a sensible explanation and/or a variety of possible answers or strategies.

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Last Thursday (June 10, 2010), we reviewed, completed and signed all of the important documents.

For the first time EVER I feel that my estate matters are properly attended to, and I take great comfort in that!

Its so true….you get what you pay for! James Schmid

Steven is a trusted adviser. We depend on him for so many things. He is patient, listens to our needs and makes excellent suggestions. He is extremely talented. We value his advice and have recommended him unhesitatingly to friends and family.” December 8, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity; retained in 1997 and retained continuously thereafter. Laura Burhans

Steve Fromm is a knowledgeable, ethical, and competent estate and business attorney. I’ve worked with Steve and I have found him to be a gentleman and a true professional.” December 8, 2009. Andy Meehan, President, Andrew M. Meehan Inc.

I highly recommend Steven J. Fromm for all your estate and tax planning needs. He has the most complete and thorough knowledge of current as well as pending federal, state, and local tax codes of any professional that I have ever been involved with. His ability to totally sort out your current financial condition and relate it to a plan to minimize your tax liability and allow you to sleep at night is without equal. He is professional, timely, creative, and an advocate for your needs, whether its personal or business. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of, with cutting edge/ sound financial and tax advice by Steven J. Fromm.” December 8, 2009.

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity, retained  in 2003, and more than once thereafter. Brad Gildin

Steven has been providing outstanding legal advise to me for seventeen years. He is THE authority on estate planning and financial planning. Steven is a compassionate and thorough attorney (and CPA, with advanced degrees in both fields) who thinks of every possible contingency. He easily explains complicated issues, and it has been my pleasure to recommend him to my friends.” November 11, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity hired in 1991, and hired him more than once thereafter. Gwen Bland

Steve is an excellent corporate attorney who has a deep understanding of corporate law, taxes and estate planning. He’s been extremely helpful to me in keeping my many companies and business ventures organized, focused and squeaky clean. He’s very strong in estate planning and wealth preservation as well. Finally, his follow through is air tight and utterly dependable.” February 27, 2009

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time; retained in 1994 and continuously thereafter. Fred Marshall

I have always found Steve to be very responsive, accurate and creative in legal matters presented to him. He demonstrates a good business sense. We have collaborated on several highly technical issues over the years. I look forward to our continuing relationship.” November 25, 2008 Mike Massa, Owner, Klatzkin & Company, LLP, a CPA firm that worked with Steven J. Fromm

Steven Fromm has been a trusted attorney and friend for many years. He is a man of honor and one of the most detail oriented people I know. Steve takes great pride in what he does and does it well. In a time when legal costs are escalating, Steven has chosen to practice law at a very reasonable rate while providing the highest quality legal advice and service. I would recommend Steven Fromm to any person seeking expertise in his field. ” November 17, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity; retained in 1990 and more than once thereafter. Maury Alsher

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