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Steven J. Fromm, as a Philadelphia estates and probate attorney, assists executors and administrators in establishing, administering and settling of estates.  With his guidance, assistance and experience, families are provided the needed support to complete the complicated, detailed, and time sensitive tasks of estate and probate administration from beginning to end in an efficient and timely manner.

Providing Estate and Probate Services in Philadelphia, Outlying Counties and Throughout Pennsylvania

Because of our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise as a Philadelphia estate administration and probate attorney, clients seek out our services not only in Philadelphia cut in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and other counties throughout Pennsylvania.  Wherever you are located, we strive to make this process easy and affordable.

Estate and Probate Services Provided

Estate administration is a complex, detailed and often confusing process. Estate administration has its own legal and tax requirements along with various required filings, notices and election deadlines for probate and orphans court.

Here are some of the more important services provided to assist clients in the estate administration and probate process:

Guidance and Advice

Guiding and advising the executor or administrator through the estate probate process. For an informative general overview of the estate administration process see Estate Administration: Do Not Try This On Your Own. For a general discussion of the duties of the executor or administrator please go to Estate Administration: Executor Duties.

Preparation and Submission of Probate Documents

  • Preparation of all probate documents including drafting letters of administration and letters testamentary.
  • Submitting required documents to the Register of Wills to obtain letters testamentary or letters of administration for the executor or administrator of an estate.

Collection and Preservation of Estate and Non-Probate Assets

  • Assist the executor or administrator in the collection and preservation of estate assets whether they are probate or non-probate assets.

Sale or Transfer of Estate Assets 

  • Assist executor or administrator in the sale of estate assets or the transfer of such assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the will.

Required Notices and Filings

  • Make sure all required notices, filings with the register of wills and orphans court are completed and filed as required.

Determination and Settlement of Creditor Claims or Other Claimants

  • Determination of what creditors and claimants need to be paid and the order of priority of payment.
  • For a discussion of the Pennsylvania priority rules click PA Probate: What Debts Take Priority

Tax Returns, Requirements and Deadlines

There are various tax returns and tax elections involving federal and state taxes that require attention.  Mr. Fromm’s extensive experience as a tax attorney provides the required expertise for the following tax advise and tax filings:

  • Mr. Fromm helps insure that all legal and tax deadlines are met to take advantage of income and estate tax savings and avoidance of interest and penalties.
  • In certain cases, a federal estate tax return may need to be filed with the IRS by filing Form 706.
    • Important Note: Even if no tax liability is due, in certain situations a return may be required to make certain federal elections.
  • Pennsylvania has its own inheritance tax rules that do not follow federal estate tax rules. For more details about Pennsylvania tax rules please see my article Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax: The Basics.
  • Preparation of fiduciary income tax returns for the estate or a related pour-over trust.
  • Preparation and filing of final income tax returns of the decedent.
  • Recommend tax savings strategies and tax elections: Provides estate and income tax strategies and overall tax minimization techniques for the estate and surviving spouse and other family members.
  • Post-mortem estate and income tax planning to maximize tax savings for both the estate and surviving members of the family.

Closing The Estate

  • Drafting the filing of the formal estate accounting submission to Orphans Court in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and other outlying counties in Pennsylvania.
  • Drafting of a family settlement agreement and other required forms to complete the administration of the estate.


The above discussion is a general overview and does not cover all of the complexities and steps in the estate and probate process. Often times, family members, with no legal training, believe that they can handle an estate administration on their own. By not being aware of various legal and tax requirements, this type of self-representation often creates unknown additional problems for the immediate family and later generations. In the end, such unknown mistakes can be quite costly to the family. It is essential to have a trained estates attorney assist in this detailed and technical area of the law.

Bottom Line

Mr. Fromm’s legal, tax and practical experience in estate administration facilitates effective, efficient, responsive and timely estate administration for the family. We can help avoid costly and expensive mistakes and give peace of mind by providing the comprehensive, necessary legal and tax assistance to families coping with the grief of the loss of a beloved member of the family.

Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Fromm at 215-735-2336 with any questions or if you need his assistance.

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