Stream Tracks and Playlists from VOA Science in a Minute on your desktop or mobile device. Also, "Science World" will continue online in its current blog form. Dear Science World Listeners, The 25 minute "Science World" radio program came to an end with the 5/16/15 broadcast of the show. VOA Science in a Minute. The 25 minute "Science World" radio program came to an end with the 5/16/15 broadcast of the show. Washington, DC. Small business goes from bust to boom in just weeks, Updated guidance means more reasons than ever to wear one, Officers tasked with protecting president reportedly ordered to isolate, NASA says object was discovered in September by scientists looking for asteroids, Poland and Ukraine in Europe, Mexico in Latin America hit new record infections and deaths, The 53 passengers and 66 crew members are reportedly self-quarantining aboard the ship, Peru is seeking 3,500 participants in the multinational study, Gatherings of friends and family seem custom-made to spread the virus, Scientists believe the bolts’ path and direction could be controlled by small, portable laser pointers, Scientists say early trials show that dogs are more accurate than swab tests in identifying infected individuals; it's hoped that they can be deployed to airports, transit stations and schools, According to World Health Organization, number of cases increased to nearly 270,000 last year, Rival states downplay each others’ contributions to Pzfier drug, Brazil resumes late-stage trial of Chinese-developed COVID-19 vaccine after one-day pause, CDC changes advice on wearing masks, saying they benefit both wearer and anyone nearby, In Malaysia, Businesses Adapt to Survive COVID, SpaceX Crew Flight Delayed; Musk Gets Mixed COVID-19 Results, Masks Protect the Wearer, Not Just Others, CDC Says, Report: Over 130 Secret Service Officers Test Positive for Coronavirus, 1960s Era Rocket May Have Returned to Earth Orbit, US Sets Another Single-Day Record for COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, Cruise Ship Forced to Dock After 5 Passengers Test Positive for Coronavirus in Caribbean, Peru Set to Host Phase 3 of COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials, Coronavirus Pandemic Complicates US Holiday Plans, Australian Scientists Aim to Tame Lightning to Prevent Bushfires, Sniffer Dogs Beat Swabs in Detecting Coronavirus, Measles Cases and Deaths Soaring Worldwide, WHO Says, Greek-Turkish Rivalry Persists, Even in Celebration of Possible Coronavirus Vaccine, US Sets New Single-Day Record for COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations. After years of resistance by Trump administration, Europeans now hope incoming Biden administration will be willing to compromise – or face possible digital tax, Company seeking extension as it and Justice Department express commitment to resolving security concerns, The statement came a day after China-based ByteDance filed a petition challenging a Trump administration order set to take effect Thursday requiring it to divest TikTok, Move raises concerns from campaigns and groups eager to reach voters for key Georgia Senate races in January, The Trump administration contends TikTok poses national security concerns as the personal data of US users could be obtained by China’s government, How a new 3-D VR weather-mapping program could revolutionize forecasting, The EU started looking into Amazon in 2018 and has been focusing on its dual role as a marketplace and retailer, Tech giant says it affords world leaders some leeway in breaking platform’s rules, The company has previously run over 400 tests without human passengers at the Nevada site, Blocking and labeling tweets and posts is not enough, some say, Twitter, Facebook label President Donald Trump’s postings, claiming there are efforts to undermine the US election, Bytedance Gets 15-day Extension on US Order to Divest TikTok, Parler: Social Media Hangout for Conservatives, Parler: A New Social Media Hangout for Conservatives, Zuckerberg Says Bannon Has Not Violated Enough Policies for Suspension, Under Biden, Europe Hopes for Compromise in US Digital Tax Debate, TikTok Faces Deadline for Divesting US Operations, US Treasury Seeks 'Resolution' With ByteDance on Security Concerns, Facebook Extends Ban on US Political Ads for Another Month, ByteDance Challenges Trump's TikTok Divestiture Order, New 3-D Weather-Mapping Program Could Revolutionize Forecasting, EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Amazon Over Use of Data, Twitter Could Strip Trump of Certain Privileges Post-Presidency, Virgin Hyperloop Hosts First Human Ride on New Transport System, Tech Firms Battle Users to Stop Spread of Election Misinformation, Twitter, Facebook Flag Misleading Comments About US Election.