Sony UBP-X800 Best 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray player, 9. In any case, in the event that you need a machine that can deal with both your gaming and your home film needs, the Xbox One S is the support for the activity.

That is most likely in light of the fact that the Xbox One X doesn’t have a similar degree of picture-upscaling that a portion of the other committed media players on this rundown has.
Higher resolution isn't the only thing that Ultra HD Blu-ray brings to the table, however. If you have an older TV, like a 2016 LG OLED TV, it isn’t compatible with the Xbox One’s gaming-specific implementation of Dolby Vision (even if the TV says it supports Dolby Vision). We would have liked a few popular streaming apps for those who want their Blu-ray player to be the sole benefactor of their home theater’s connected capabilities, but we would sooner recommend you pick up an affordable streaming stick. You'll automatically be entered in the HTR Sweepstakes, and get the hottest audio deals directly in your inbox. The UBP-X1000ES is Sony’s premium 4K Blu-ray offering, an opulent stablemate to the unfeasible fine UBP-X800. : Yes | 3D support: Yes | HDR Formats Supported: HDR10. We also noticed a vastly expanded soundstage for UHD Blu-rays when compared to identical movies in streaming formats, a testament to Sony’s masterful audio processing.

All things considered, sadly, it needs support for Dolby Vision, the top of the line HDR group that circles are progressively offering help for, and which the Oppo UDP-203 does now bolster because of a firmware update. Additional Resources • 4K Blu-ray Reviewed: Ultra HD Equipment Selection, Setup, and Initial Thoughts,, • More Details Emerge on New Ultra HD Blu-ray Standard, • Blu-ray Disc Association Completes Ultra HD Blu-ray Specification and Releases New Logo, • Sony Pictures Announces First Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, • Why Blu-ray Is Still Better Than Streaming, Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy. The earliest models with support came in 2017, and that list widened greatly in the years to follow. But a great 4K Blu-ray player can make all the difference when it comes to the best of picture and sound. The Blu-ray player neatly unpacks compressed audio formats like MP3 and FLAC, among others, to deliver hi-fi sound that’s far more abstract than others are capable of. The BDP-S6700 also upscales DVDs to 1080p if you happen to have a few of those still laying around. Read High Hopes for High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video for more details on HDR.

Why you should buy this: You want 4K games to go alongside your movies. The last is incorporated, regardless of the way that Panasonic isn’t supporting Dolby Vision on any of its 4K TVs.