In this TOEIC practice test there are 16 questions. Pay attention to the structure of the anagram containing pages from: never, rarely, seldom (rarely). Traps: In the above sentence, the first side of “experts predict that…” is the simple present tense, usually, the back of the sentence will also have to use the present simple (Answer A). Four answer choices are given below each sentence. The correct answer is to divide the verb according to the nearest subject is answer A. In general, the knowledge in TOEIC PART 5 is quite wide and mainly focused on the grammar commonly used in communicative English, so the best way for you to improve the score of this section is to review by each type of exercise. The sentence structure is more complicated when the conjunctions of both, either … or …, … are present. In TOEIC PART 5 – Complete the sentence, is the first part of the reading, according to the new TOEIC structure will have 30 multiple choice questions, each sentence has 4 answers given. D) before. Type 3: Word Form – Word type (there are about 14 to 15 sentences of this type in the sentence). For each question you will see an incomplete sentence. Four words or phrases, marked A-D are given beneath each sentence. A) know When it comes to schedules (trains, cars, airplanes, etc. Only answer C satisfies. There are many types of similar words, so there is no other way for you to understand the meaning of words and how to use them. The scholarship committee requires that he _______to a college that is within the state of Minnesota.

Tips PART 5 TOEIC Test Reading Efficient, 2. In this section you will read a sentence that has one blank spot. Traps: If we rush, we will think that “graduates” is the plural topic so we will divide it into the plural and choose answer B. Choose the word or phrase that best fits into the blank. Your email address will not be published.

Should she come late, she will miss the train. Traps: Normally, according to the verb conjugation rule, the verb following the He subject (singular 3rd person) will be in the form of splitting ‘s / es’. To avoid this trap, we need to remember the structure of the following hypothesis: Sea Sapphire Cruises is …………… .. to announce the launch of their newest luxury ocean liner. If-clause = Were S + to-V / Were + S …For example: Conditional sentence type 3: If-clause = Had + S + V3For example: If my parents had encouraged me, I would have passed exam = Had my parents encouraged me, I would have passed exam, (If my parents encouraged me, I passed the exam), Question 1: __ Mary study hard, she will pass the exam.

To do this well, you need to know the content that will appear in the test.

B) known So we choose the correct answer is B. Traps: The inverse sentence may be too familiar to many people, but the sentence structure contains pages from: never (rarely), rarely (rarely), seldom (rarely) not everyone also know how to use it correctly. Candidates rely on their reading comprehension ability and foreign language knowledge to choose the best answer to help complete the sentence given. A) from You can study through the 7 basic tenses in English, often the TOEIC questions in this section will ask you about the conjugation of verbs.

If you understand these directions now, you will not have to read them during the test. The person who is taking the minutes will be seated __________ the chairman. Another common part of TOEIC Part 5 is the conditional sentence reversal, let’s review these structures: (If he got good marks on the test, his mother would buy a bicycle). READING TEST In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions.

There are some confusing word pairs in English because they are pronounced almost the same or the same but have a completely different meaning and usage. (Effect is noun – influence). We see the latter with “will pass the exam” as a sign of type 1 conditional sentences and type 1 conditional inversion using “Should”. B) to IELTS Vocabulary – Grammar – Essential Words, TOEIC Vocabulary – Grammar – Essential Words, Books for learning TOEIC Test – Tricks and Tips Magical, Tips Part 7 TOEIC Test Reading: Reading Comprehension, Tips Part 6 TOEIC Test Reading: Text Completion, Download Standard Course HSK Free – Tricks Magical, How to take TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN or YES / NO / NG IELTS Reading, Differences between Skim – Scan and Reading IELTS Test Stratergy, Tips for IELTS Lisening: Form Completion, Sentence Completion,…, Diagram Labelling IELTS Listening Steps For Post – Tricks Magical, Type 1: Meaning. PART 5-INCOMPLETE SENTENCES These are the directions for Part 5 of the new [email protected] Study them now. To avoid this trap, remember the following sentence pattern: S + think / predict / be sure / expect that + S + V (future simple)Master the signs of awareness and how to use future tenses. However, because this is a planned event and will definitely occur (not the action decided at the time of speaking), it is necessary to choose answer C, Tips to avoid traps in part 5 TOEIC reading, The present continuous tense not only talks about what is happening, but also describes the actions planned.Master the signs of awareness and use of the present tense. Do not write your answers in the test book. Despite having four years of experience in software programming, Mr. Jones hadn't used a word processing program __________.

For this sentence – The other clause with “could + V1” implies that this is a type 2 conditional sentence. When the sentence is complete it must be grammatically correct. Today Tricks Magical will guide you how to do TOEIC READING PART 5 effectively and get the highest score . That is, in the problem there are 4 given solutions that are relatively similar, be it the same prefix, suffix, or nearly identical written words. Trap: Let’s compare answers to the answers to find the correct answer: C is an adjective that means “pleasant” but refers to the nature of people, things and things. If I were you, I would work harder = Were I you, I would work harder, If I knew her, I would invite her to the party = Were I to know her, I would invite her to the party, The number of + noun + V divides the singular, A number of + noun + V divides the plural, Either A or B / Neither A or B / Not A but B / Not only A but also B + verbs of the nearest subject (in this example, divided by subject B). So according to the structure given above, we immediately see the correct answer is C. A number of and The number of are very confusing. Remember the difference between pairs of words with different meanings, such as:accept (v); except (v)affect (v); effect (n)hard (adj), hardly (adv): rarelylose (v); loose (adj)site (n); sight (n)conclude (n): conclusion. But this is the trap that the person who asked to test you for.

ETS®, TOEIC® and TOEFL® are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The subject appears conjunctions. Some common traps in Part 5 Toeic Test Reading, Trap 1: Timeless traps – Tips Part 5 TOEIC Test, a. D) So, © 1997-2020 All Rights ReservedThe world's premier FREE educational website for learners + teachers of EnglishEngland • since 1997. TOEIC Practice - Part 5: Incomplete Sentences Part 5 marks the beginning of the reading skills section. Next you will read four choices. For conditional questions, you only need to have a good knowledge of conditional statements to divide the verb form correctly. This is a familiar part of every English test, not just TOEIC. Either he or his friends __ you with your homework everyday. Four words or phrases, marked A … The train arrives at 3 p.m. tomorrow (not will arrive), Tips to avoid traps – Tips Part 5 TOEIC Test Reading: Incomplete Sentences. Remember that work-life balance issues can …………… anyone in any stage of the life cycle, Trapping: In this example, “can” is a missing verb, so the word to fill is an infinitive verb. To do this type of lesson, you must first identify where the word is missing, then based on the above characteristics to distinguish and choose the correct answer. In this section you will read a sentence that has one blank spot. A) prior This web site is not endorsed or approved by ETS. Therefore, the word to be filled is the past participle, the answer is A. such as cultivating basic knowledge, making many types of lessons, related topics to get used to. The correct answer is C.The simple past tense is needed. The employees __________ about the closure before the announcement was made public. Please keep in mind the following structure: To make it easier to distinguish, remember: ‘the number’ is a number; ‘A number of’ is a number, that is, the plural.b. However, in fact many of the family words will have “adjectives” with other extensions such as: -ive, -able, -ible, -al, -ful, …. If the word needs to fill only properties and status, then choose the adjective “standard”, and in the event of causing the action or being affected, choose the participle.Get more knowledge about Adjectives and past participle & present participle. C) next Candidates select prepositions to fill depending on the front and back of the blank. TOEIC PART 5 – Multiplle Choices are considered to be the most difficult and easy to lose points by testing a variety of grammar, sentence patterns and so on. C) knew This type of sentence is easy to eat. Part 5 Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. However, the word “predict” has a predictive, predictive meaning, so the latter we need to use the simple tense (Answer C). You will have to choose the one that you think completes the sentence. __________ it was a holiday, the doctor performed the emergency surgery on the heart patient. My boss __ to Australia next month to open a new business. The launch of their newest luxury ocean liner made the company “Sea Sapphire Cruises” very happy so “Sea Sapphire Cruises” was hit and had to choose the passive one. Some common toeic structures you should remember: Tricks Magical have come up with a useful method to help you approach Part 5 easily. 2019 © Exam English Ltd. ALL Rights Reserved. C) Although So the correct answer is C. The trap here is that many of you will choose the answer A: Effect because of the confusion with the word Affect. At first glance, when it comes to the inversion structure, all the answers are correct (they are verb to beations / auxiliary verbs before the subject). This is one of the “classic” traps that even high-level friends can catch. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. This knowledge is required to learn, there are no tricks or rules of study that can help you. Candidates rely on their reading comprehension ability and foreign language knowledge to choose the best answer to help complete the sentence given. The correct answer is D. The sentence requires an adverb. In TOEIC PART 5 – Complete the sentence, is the first part of the reading, according to the new TOEIC structure will have 30 multiple choice questions, each sentence has 4 answers given. C) previous A) During Question 2: _____Mary studied hard, she would have passed the exam. (In, on, out, up, to …). Many people mistakenly believe that with this operation, Verb will automatically turn into Adjective.

(easily confusing learners about meaning), Type 2: Preposition – Prepositions (about 4 to 5 sentences).

Traps: Although the word “tomorrow” is an identifier of the simple future, the correct answer of the question must be B. D) have known. Traps: When you see the keyword “next month”, a lot of you will rush to choose the answer B: will travel.

There will be four choices of words or phrases to choose from.