The boots are covered in grass as well to pull off the illusion -- well, except for the blatantly obvious metal shin guards ... You can nab this skin at Tier 23, which means it is also one you will get with the Battle Pass Bundle if you are willing to spend the extra money. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hyper tank that is like the annoying fly in your ear bothering the ever loving shit out of you. It's perfect for frightening your enemies and getting a quick knock. Following suit other famous artists of the electro genre such as Daft Punk and Deadmau5, this Fortnite character wears a massive metallic helmet in the shape of a llama head. Be prepared to give the game some dedication, though, since it requires 200,000 XP to unlock. Like a cauldron full of sweet, delicious candy, the shop is full of creepy, scary, deadly -- and even silly -- new skins just in time for Halloween. Shortsword, in high elo's they don't lose out on damage and they also go near-invincible on a regular basis, topping that off they have an anti-knockdown, low-CD escape ability, ranged slow attack, and an aoe blunt knockdown. She wears a leather tunic, gauntlets, and boots. As a spear user if you run gungnirs greeting you can get through a block, as it breaks there formation and then if you follow up with hurricanes edge you totally slaughter most of the time, if you dont run gungnirs greeting then proctis gift (spear kick) can easily go theough shields and do damage to players and units behind, a couple of them each time and you really start pissing people off xD they dont want to sit there and just take it xD, I see everyone praising musket but i just can't see it being useful. It's an Uncommon skin and won't be too pricey to purchase. For example running in and blowing open a shield wall with a Glaive Ulti letting your swordsmen mow down a shield wall they otherwise couldn't realistically engage. I still enjoy the class for being a staunch defender who can tank a lot of damage. His fourth unlockable style is at 120,00 XP and has grey skin with light blue accents along his jacket and headband. There's no real Weapon Tier List so far which makes me kinda happy, because it means that every weapon has a own unique playstyle and cant be put in a rank.

Tier List: Terrifying Conquerors. (Example: Up from Hel I from Mighty Mjolnir will launch the final strike, which throws enemies to the ground, instead of the 3rd hit of the combo, which is what Up from Hel I has unlocked to.). It can't handle a 1v1 with more "assassin" centered classes, but it can still do well in a 2v2 and a 2v3. This is one of the spookier -- and more Halloween-centric -- Season 6 skins. The fourth (and final) unlock is a black wolf with bright red eyes, gold arm guard, and grey clothing.

I rarely have hero kills but often get the “most unit kills” badge. With a name like Nightshade, you would expect this skin to be a bit scarier ... well, on second thought, it is a bit unsettling. If you purchase this skin, don't let your opponents hit that target and humiliate them with your own sharp-shooter skills. This skin is available at Tier 47 and is the first of the collection that won’t be immediately available after purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle. Wearing Conqueror's Scourgestalker (hunter tier 8.5), you gain: 3 Agility 25 Intellect 113 Armor 218 AP 100 Crit 99 Hit but you lose: 39 Stamina 18 Armor Penetration 87 Haste Plus, you also gain 2 set bonuses that are, in my opinion, MUCH better than the tier 7.5 set bonuses. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Longsword, it's heal was butchered last year and thus this class is no tankier than any other on the list in the right gear, the heal is barely enough to top off the LS, let alone his units. Card. Very squishy and if you try to assassinate players (the only thing it CAN do) near enemy units odds are high you are going to die for it. Siege battles, all classes have their uses but I would say that some are easier (more straight forward) to know their role.

Community content is available under. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ConquerorsBlade community. This vampire character has cold purple skin, glowing red eyes, white hair with purple edges, and creepy black claws. You should analyze the various situations that pop up during a battle and make a tier list based on those For example: Shield wall in front of you blocking the way. The plague doctor character is 1,500 V-Bucks. Sure, might be good against heroes but never saw them being a real threat.

Basic attacks break any Defense, so don't even think of RMB turtle. This one costs 1,200 V-bucks (a little under $15.00) and has an additional version that glows in the dark if you owned the skin previously. You can also purchase the Battle Bundle, which includes the first 25 tiers of content for the season and costs 2,800 v-bucks (around $30.00). Hi. In my opinion, this is the tierlist of weapons with the most impact in siege battels. She still has her classic red hood along with braids and a skirt. He still has brown fur and red headband, but his jacket and jeans are completely torn away. Again heavy armor and can build hyper tank while relying on its CCs. Theoretically it can do a lot of attack/animation canceling and put out respectable single target damage in a dueling scenario. But who cares? PoleAxe, the CC king lots of AoE CC to fuck with units and a strong single target CC ulti of death to cheese players with. Could you elaborate on the nodachi please?

This weapon is actually VERY strong at low levels, when you are fighting with peasants and everyone else has peasants the Nodachi is an unkillable frontline god who mows down squad after squad of peasants and just doesn't give a shit. The cloak has a tattered hem and his belt and collar are adorned with rotting pumpkin leaves.

Each of the following styles begin to change the werewolf’s fur and clothes colors. Nice horse combat, strong RMB, good dismount with knockdown and a couching skill that works even without stamina. Longbow, cheesemode supreme.

This one appears to be limited, so you'll want to grab this one before its gone from the shop. This smiling tomato head is an Epic skin and part of the Pizza Pit set.

Nodachi: Good unit and hero killing potential when used right. Maybe because i'm a bow so i only see them hiding behind corners playing peekaboo with me, but they werent a big thing when i was playing poleaxe, Dunno about list, the classes seem pretty balanced, this is more about heroes giving me a hard time, C.Musket, Longsword, Dual Blade, Shortbow.

Spear. Very cumbersome to use and it makes him very vulnerable after your initial charge.

the LS combos are easily avoidable and are mostly slashing damage (which most people build to negate) the ultimate was also butchered (shield charge) rendering it "meh" at best. Amazing burst damage, can 100-0 someone as fast as a dual blade if combo'ed right, The maul's Mighty Mjolnir into Bonebreaker is pretty broken. Good melee duelist with "Arrow Rain", use it in point blank range and surprise enemies with it damage specially when using on the back of an enemy. They're great when the battle turns into a huge melee, due to their high-damage per hit, large AoE attacks. With shades, a headset, and a gold tooth, this DJ is ready to fist pump their way into a victory royale. The second style in the set is a humanoid brown wolf with glowing yellow eyes, a red headband, and ripped jeans and jackets. The rest of the look includes red and black gloves and boots. The fallen god, once upon a time this was THE class... nowadays its just ok. Its the only class with a real heal and is one of the tankier if not tankiest classes but unlike something like Glaive, PoleAxe, or Maul it doesn't have the raw CC potential to just disrupt stuff while being hard to kill instead opting to just be tankier instead.

The nodachi does have its dragons leap to take on shield walls and dish out some serious damage plus knockdown. Shortbow. Skin: DJ Yonder.

Has two nice "Remove Dazed" low cooldown skills that also have CC on them.

Great Weapons. Longbow usually wrecks my archer units. Very strong can opener ulti combined with some horse ability and some AoE clear. Each weapon is more about player skill, map awareness and positioning. Also ult is cancer in Deathmatches because of "fall damage".

PoleAxe, the CC king lots of AoE CC to fuck with units and a strong single target CC ulti of death to cheese players with. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maul and PoleAxe really step on its toes as a lot of its big strengths these weapons just have too, the ability to blend some units doesn't make up for its other short comings in comparison but being a step below the best isn't exactly a bad place to be.

This skin is a Legendary, so it will be around $15 as well, similar to the skins in the Grim Medicine Set and the Skull Set. Bow is pretty straight forward, just pew pew at all the troops and heros from afar.

The third can be gained after reaching 50,000 XP.

She wears a grey jumpsuit and hood over the green stem at the top of her helmet. If you like hero killers try spear with march, overhead, gift, and dragons roar i would say spear is the best hero killer in the game because unlike duel blades you can still cut down units. Just look at it. Another thing it does (which is fairly redundant, given how easy any maul's III skill is to unlock) is launch the final attack of the III skill, rather than a lower tier skill. His third is white with yellow accents. Maybe his elite armor would be a hell of an upgrade for its heal.

It’s going to take 250,000 XP to finally reach this one though.

This demonic skin is the fifth of the seven skins you can gain, and it is available at Tier 71. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. C Tier – Underpowered. *laughs with Nodachi and 3000 slashing damage*. The first for this pink-haired cowgirl is an outfit of simple shorts and a cowgirl hat, which is available in Tier One, meaning you'll get this skin immediately when purchasing your Battle Pass. The others are relatively balanced, each having a role they are good at but not being blatantly overpowered. How would you rate the new Maul Class? Besides the ulti it can blow open shield walls like no other and is a supreme can opener of sorts. Bow: Ranged troop killer, surprise factor duelist. Hello sire, This is knight Gundam, second division shield bearer of house HomeGrown here. You know you want it just to stand out in the crowd -- and the winner's circle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To make it shortly:It's just a maul with mobility and autocure, sacrificing blunt damage for slashing damage. Smoke ominously billows off of Calamity’s clothes in this Halloween look. Longsword. A VERY good two piece set that seems to be ignored. Its also in heavy armor and can build hyper tank and still be effective because of its CC. Hey, can i get some tips for Nodachi especially for no4 and no5? This skin was another to leak with the 6.02 update, and, honestly, we are so excited for it.