My cousin is 6’5″ and an R50 Mini Cooper was on his shopping list.

Leather is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Sorry, but not all Mini’s are bad. To summarize, if I was the King of the World I would do the following: Outlaw the use of brazziers (I mean by gals, not cars).

My favorite new interior color is the Tuscan beige; I love the look but could live without the pretentious name.

And it should be changed more often. Among other things. On one hand, the relative silence (and proper autobox option) make the MINI Cooper S a more refined and therefore viable daily driver. Mini Mania's "Value Line" products are of the highest quality and offer a great value along with the performance you'd expect from the dealership. The gap is so obvious (and big) that it looks as if you could unscrew the headlights as if they were lightbulbs. As there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the “old” model, BMW’s decision to leave things well enough alone shows welcome restraint. And as far as performance is concerned, I never noticed the subdued exhaust note in the 2007; mostly I just noticed that the low-end weakness in the 2006 was gone, and spent most of the test drive squealing the tires on the 1-2 shift (like the immature kid this car makes me feel like.)
After we receive your information it may be used by MINI USA and your MINI Dealer to contact you. Save money when you buy MINI Cooper oil change products in a kit. A shame about the down-tuned exhaust note. "Freedom for Sale In the Red Light District", 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive – High Mileage Family Hauler, Junkyard Find: 1974 Mercury Montego MX Brougham 4-Door Pillared Hardtop, Housekeeping: How the Press Loan System Works, Rare Rides: The 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta, a Sports Car for Luxurious People, Carvana Seeks Growth of its Inventory, as Pandemic Causes Used Car Contraction, 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD RST Review – Nobody* Needs* This Big of a Truck, 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S Review – Poised for Urban Life, 2020 Dodge Durango SRT 392 Review – Loud, Crude, Large, Americana, 2019 Audi Q8 quattro Review – Technocratic Sport, 2020 Honda Civic Si HPT Review — A Blank Canvas, 2021 Ram TRX First Drive — Welcome to Jurassic Park, Buyers Guide: Top 8 Best LED Headlights for Your Car, Buyers Guide: The 8 Best Windshield Wipers You Can Buy, Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for TTAC Readers. I have no doubt the new car is “better” but, jeebus, it’s, what, almost 50 years now since the original was introduced. Helping everything stay perfectly cool for optimum performance.”. I would check out the 07 MINI Cooper S hood scoop in person….unless they did something amazing with that black plastic, it’s solidly blocked off and results in no air flow to the engine. I do not believe the scoop is functional. Ended up selling it back to MINI. Didn’t they just make two holes on the hood from where the headlights pop up instead of integrating them on it for cheap cost cutting reasons? Last month, when I was in a Town Car back to Dulles Airport in what we in Washington State call “the other Washington” with Dan McCue, one of the principles of Freeman/McCue Public Relations, a major “car guy” (who also handles Kawasaki motorcycles), the subject turned to the new Mini vesus the old. How to Change the Oil in a R53 Mini Cooper Supercharger The beautiful whining as you press the accelerator to the floor. The Mini is one of BMW’s best sellers primarily because of one reason: Anyway, if you love your Mini, more power to you. I’ll take the crisp handling and acceleration and all that, but the noise I can do without.

The only other small car that I tested that felt like this was a Miata I drove at a Mazda RevItUp event. Not only did he think the handling was akin to a bread truck, but the electricals were just as problematic as all the old jokes purported. For the 3rd generation models, F56/F55/F57/F54/F60 2014-current models, factory recommends FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 0W-20 or SAE 0W-30.
If the point is indeed “motoring,” you’d think the fun setting would be default. Who cares how it all works? Access to the direct download of NCS-Expert, INPA 6.4.3, INPA 5.02 and bonus coding files can be found here Full .PDF Installation Walkthrough Guide We have created a very detailed walkthrough guide on how to install, configure and get NCS-Expert running can be found here (Windows 7) and here (Windows 10) If you would like your login information reset, click on the button below to request your login information to be reset. More charitably, the MINI’s interior looks like it was created by a grove of unsupervised Apple Computer designers. Your E-Mail and/or password are incorrect. Steering wheel was digging into my thighs and I could only maneuver the car around the test course by shuffle steering. (For information on checking your engine oil level refer to your vehicle's Owner's Manual.). I actually wanted the first gen. supercharged Mini, but I feared the frequent BMW like repair bills that would come with it and the 35 mile trip to the dealer. but does it handle like a go cart???

REIMBURSEMENT FOR PRIOR CUSTOMER PAY REPAIRS RELATED TO A SAFETY RECALL (TREAD ACT). For the 1st generation models, 2002-2006 R50 R53 Hardtop and 2005-2008 Convertibles, For the 2nd generation models, R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61 2007-2016 MINI Models, again, FULL SYNTHETIC recommended engine oils are, For the 3rd generation models, F56/F55/F57/F54/F60, If MINI High Performance Synthetic Oil is unavailable, we recommend using only the following approved synthetic oils. Unfortunately, the turbocharger does a wonderful job of smoothing out the sonic pulses of the exhaust note. Anyway…just some things I thought should be added to a fine review. whatever happened to real small cars? Stay away like death from the CVT option. The original (2003) MINI was designed using a spare, and then at the last minute they changed to runflats. While the new MINI has a wider (i.e. I've read, consistently, that the chassis tuning to match the runflats has worked great, resulting in a much better ride with no harm in handling. Your stats are comparing the new 2007 to the original original mini (like, 60s and 70s), right? 6’2″, i fit in the old minis with head and leg room to spare. But the added layer of maturity and refinement in the drivetrain and the additional feel through the helm build significantly more confidence into the system. There was no gas turbo model until ’07. A couple of questions about the new MINI, if I may: – Have they fixed the conservative throttle mapping? I’m normally not a big fan of extended warranties, but I have been eyeing one up for my ’05, as I’ll hit the mileage allowance in less than a year and as a “chequebook mechanic” I’m not up for doing my own repairs. I have a 6 foot 4 inch friend who fit in the car easier than he did in his BMW 3. Ah, yes, the tired Lucas jokes. Keep your car in good health through regular maintenance. “Even as good as the MINI continues to be, with such persistant reliability issues (particularly when there are nearly as fun and much more reliable Japanese sport coupes like the Civic Si), one has to wonder how long BMW will be able to continue artificially keeping the MINI supply low/demand (and price) high.”. Oh and a nice manual steering rack.

As a result, the zero to 60 time is slightly quicker (6.7 versus 7.2 seconds) with better fuel economy (29/36). And, um, focus groups. As ashy mentioned, if you are long of torso, you will find the extra headroom a boon. You can feel confident that you can save money without sacrificing quality. I added an AEM V2 cold air intake to my ultra bland sounding (and rather bland driving) 2002 Civic Si. As there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the “old” model, BMW’s decision to leave things well enough alone shows welcome restraint. I tried to imagine what they might be thinking by offering a “limo” mode for the throttle.

– Did the MINI reps provide any insight as to why the “Sport” button is included? My wife is a lower of all things cute and tiny (ahem). Mini model 2nd generation (R55-R56-R57) belongs to subcompact / supermini class. Literally. but the electricals were just as problematic as all the old jokes purported. I’m 6’3″ and the moment I sat down in the car, I knew it wouldn’t work. (We have talked on the phone and communicated by letter, yet never have met in person.) Note: As of Oct 15th 2020, you must use your e-mail address, not your username. It's too bad, because as much as I dig Bimmers, I have serious reservations about purchasing one (when I can finally afford one). I never could understand this fascination that the motoring press has with exhaust noise. I always wanted a bit more sharpness from the old car’s steering, and it sounds like the button provides it. I hadn’t given much thought to test driving the new one.

Like a dull pencil thrust into an electric sharpener, the MINI is suddenly ready to draw the finest of racing lines. mini's not really my style, but looks like fun. I had an ’04 Mini Cooper S for about a year. Why is it better to have to shout to your passenger? And the fact that the headlights are ever so slightly titled outwards (instead of inwards or straight ahead) makes it look like a member of the mentally-impaired part of the family… I'll go for a test drive soon, but I wanted to mention a few things Jay left out. I felt like I was driving from the backseat, and I couldn’t see traffic signals if I was first in line at the stop. My price comparison and reliability site’s page for the MINI: The only way to get crisp music out of an engine is to go non-turbo. Passwords are also case-sentive.If you continue to have problems click on the Help Icon for additional options. In the end it was the price (about 6 or 7 grand more than a decently well-equipped Focus) that swayed his decision against it, not the purported lack of room.