Be sure to check that before buying anything first. First of all I wanted to thank you for your kind words and also tell you that there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. I bought a month ago LG 65UM7610PLB 65″ and I thought about a new sound bar. Happy viewings bud, let me know if you need anything. There is nothing complex about the whole process and you connect both devices and streaming starts. All Rights Reserved, Your model is compatible with this , This model is not compatible with this , *description* - AED *rPrice*.*rPriceCent*. The soundbar did manage to create a rather good and fulfiling soundstage at the front and the additional center channel did help to that. From left to right we get a USB port (5V/500mA) that can be used to connect any kind of external storage or flash drive and stream music from there, an optical digital input, an HDMI input and lastly an HDMI output with added ARC support. O DTS Virtual:X é um formato de Som Surround imersivo que inclui uma dimensão em altura. LG Sound Bar SL5Y has various inputs and convenient options such as HDMI, Optical and Bluetooth®. Because of this low profile there is very low possibility that it will obstruct the TV’s IR sensor and thus there is no need for the soundbar to have any IR repeaters that we have seen in some other larger models something that definitely helps to keep the cost as low as possible. In reality the two soundbars were designed for two different purposes. The buttons have the usual rubber feel to them but they were very responsive when pressed. On your C9 you will only have to set it to output audio through the optical port. DTS Virtual:X テクノロジーを使用した LG サウンドバー SL5Y が没入型サウンドを提供します。 3つのフロントスピーカーと1つのサブウーファーを使用することにより、DTS テクノロジーは取り囲むようなサウンドでより没入型の体験を作り出します。 I have been thinking of 3 products currently which are available for me via a corporate discount and main reason for the need of suggestion is all of them are in different category. メーカー:LGエレクトロニクス. 連休中も休まず即納致します!DTS Virtual:X テクノロジーを使用した LG サウンドバー SL5Y 。【人気商品!最後のお1つです!】LG サウンドバー SL5Y Sound Bar 2.1ch 400W ホームシアター Bluetooth 高解像度オーディオ ワイヤレスリアスピーカー テレビサウンド同期 ウーファー 没入型サウンド Máquinas de Lavar 10Kg com alta Eficiência Energética de A+++. Declaro que li e percebi a Política de Privacidade. Também temos outros cookies opcionais, conforme listado abaixo, que poderá optar por ativar ou desativar. For your second question when 5.1 channels content is being played the soundbar will convert the track to fit it’s 3.1 channels output. The app not only offers all the basic controls for the soundbar but also includes a few extra functions that cannot be accessed otherwise. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and in-depth review. Cinematic Sound: Designed to deliver deep bass notes and rich, nuanced sound, our collection makes it easy to hear your favourite TV shows, classic movies, blockbuster films, and documentaries in cinema-quality sound. SL5Y Monitor Profissional com um Ecrã IPS UHD 4L de 42,5''. It features a relatively clean look with curvy corners with the top side being covered with a rough textured plastic while the whole front face is covered with a perforated grill keeping an overall symmetric look. With that being said let’s see what do we get in this one. If movies performance is all that you care for I would say the SL6Y is the way to go as it has more channels and more power overall which can produce a slightly better overall acoustic result. In any case you should try it out for yourself and see if you like it and in the end it’s another feature that no matter how good it is, it adds further value to this soundbar. These two soundbars have many similarities but let’s see their main differences. Enjoy an elevated, powerful surround sound experience. Similarities between the SL5Y and the SL6Y continue in this part of our review also as the amount of extra features and functionality is exactly the same. Permita que a coluna SPK8-S aumente o sistema áudio com duas colunas de 70 watts e um recetor. This if you compare the two with their surrounds kits. 808 78 54 54(custo de uma chamada local), disponível das 9h00 às 20h00, de segunda a sexta-feira. As we did before our preferred way was to connect our Panasonic UHD player to the SL6Y and use the soundbar’s HDMI output in order to connect the unit to our TV. These include the Dynamic Range Control, the Auto Volume Leveler as well as the included Night mode for late night viewings. But if you find that the unit is lacking in it’s surround capabilities then you have the option to expand it to a full 5.1 surround system with the optional kit (SPK8-S) that includes a receiver unit along with a couple of surround speakers. Just to understand your comment you want to know which of the three soundbars to choose? In general we cannot say we experienced a vastly different performance from the one we had during our SL5Y review as the two units share so many similar components so this was something to be expected. The SL6Y supports 3.1 channels, has more output power (420 watts) and supports DTS Virtual:X while the SK8Y supports 2.1 channels, has less power (360 watts), supports Dolby Atmos and has Google Assistant support, Chromecast and WiFi built-in. At the back we find all the connections that are grouped together except from the power connector that is positioned away from the rest. The soundbar certainly didn’t lack in power but obviously it cannot compete with full audio systems as well as some other top tier soundbars but it performed exactly as was expected from a middle class model. As for your other question I suppose you are referring to the soundbar/subwoofer wireless connection? The website utilizes responsive design to provide convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. With sleek designs that will complement any room – and your TV – LG sound bars boast a wide range of available features, such as: Wireless Connections: With wire-free connections, our sound bars can help you achieve a sophisticated, seamless look and get a superior sound experience. This year’s lineup consists of the low budget SL4Y and SL5Y (which we had very recently reviewed), the middle tier SL6Y and SL7Y and the top class, Dolby Atmos enabled SL8YG, SL9YG and their flagship, the SL10YG. In the end the LG SL6Y is a very good option if you are looking to pair your large TV with a fairly cheap and easy to setup and use soundbar. Vista With everything been said and done the only calibrations that are available is to select the sound mode you like the most and by pressing the sound tuning button to adjust the treble, bass, subwoofer and center channels as well as the rear channels if available. To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). What should be noted is that this app is supported only in Android devices so if you have an Apple device or tablet then you are out of luck. Copyright © 2009-2020 LG Electronics. Because all new products should have warranty. Also the display will turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity so it will not be distracting when watching content for long periods of time. But how much this works depends on a lot of factors like your area size, the content being played and where your viewing spot is. Para ativá-la, clique na ligação "Editar definições de cookies" no canto superior, Search for compatible products for your accessory. As imagens apresentadas são meramente ilustrativas, não sendo contratuais. Thanks for the review! Proceeding now with our music testing let’s see how this soundbar did when we threw some tunes to it. And does it all change if I plan to get Samsung surround speakers but after a few months ? Also there is no analogue ports available but we don’t see this as a big minus as the included digital optical and HDMI ports are more than enough for any kind of basic setup. You are welcome Zaahid. Nevertheless the soundbar’s front performance was very good, all things considered, even if sound had a slight muddy tone to it for our tastes. High Resolution … Bass was certainly good without being over the top with it managing to shake us during intense action with the dinosaurs footsteps and roars keeping us on the edge. The SJ4R with two mini subwoofer extra Have you noticed any wireless issues? I had a couple of questions and they might seem as dumb, but I am a guy with very little knowledge of Audio who recently purchases. Your review is being moderated and may take up a few days to appear. *Prices, promotions and availability may vary by store and online. Close. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.