I'm having the same problem and can't find a solution.

It's not working for me too on Kindle Paperwhite 3 - running on 5.8.10, This tutorial doesn't support the firmware version 5.8.8 or higher version and Kindle Paperwhite 32GB device. I followed bobs instruction of pressing the power button for 30 seconds and it then successfully installed the jaibreak, hail bob!

Then eject Kindle from computer. And if your device is passcode accessible or/and parental controls enabled, you probably will not bring your device back to normal from such boot loops. © 2015-2020 All rights Reserved by PickMyReader. Open Experimental Browser on Kindle and connect to "", If this address is failed to load, try this URL "http://kindlefere.com/jb/".

firmware for PW3 factory file is not available. Vous pourrez, avec de très bonnes compétences techniques, transformer votre liseuse en tout autre chose. Find the "Update your Kindle" option and choose it to reboot your Kindle.

Besides, please pay attention to your Kindle’s registration.

Last week we learned you can jailbreak every current model of Kindle. For now, there is no any new about Jailbreak paperwhite 3 firmware 5.9.2.

If you have tried above methods and succeed, please leave your Kindle versions through the comment column to give others a reference. Kindle jailbreak forums all point to the best resource for the latest jailbreak information as, Find the nickname of your device from your serial number, Next, prepare your device for jailbreak by wiping the storage areas (but backup everything first! These two files are an essential part of successfully jailbreak. Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. Then connect Kindle to your computer with USB cable. Decompress "kindle-jailbreak-1.14.N.zip" and you will find "kindle-5.4-jailbreak.zip". And wait for restarting. I can not downgrade to a Kindle PPW 2, version 5.8.1.

Enter ;installHtml and confirm. 6. Downgrading Kindle firmware is a prerequisite for jailbreak.
(WORKS), 3.

Before you start to jailbreak your Kindle, please make sure all the below conditions are satisfied. Copyright © 2011-2020 www.epubor.com. Hi. Remove device password and turn off parental controls.

Above I've said that there is something that we couldn't do if you don't hack your Kindle. Turn Kindle Paperwhite into airplane mode and connect it to computer.

So, you’re happy with your Kindle Paperwhite? Now I will just do what I had to do from the beginning, jailbreak it. 7. 7. 2 years ago Current jailbreak instructions should be here . Choose the setting option and tap device option. At the home page of your Kindle device, you can see the search bar. Thanks.
How you jailbreak or whether you can jailbreak your Kindle will depend on which version you have.

But reinstall plugins is necessary to do.

My Kindle Paperwhite generation 5 automatically updateted to version, which is the last possible version for generation 5 devices. your shit don't work.

Does anyone help me? It could be there’s a PDF viewer that you prefer to the default viewer?

At the home page of your Kindle device, you can see the search bar. When clicking the link on step 5...... takes to the mobil*read page, but the  "Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015)" option is grayed out with no link.

You will see the new document we mentioned above has changed into another one. Copy the .bin file to the root directory.

Arrrgh. Les liseuses Kindle sont tellement populaires aux USA et dans les pays anglo-saxons que de nombreux ingénieurs et informaticiens l’utilisent comme base pour de nombreux projets. So is there a way to jailbreak a PW2 gen 5 with on? Decompress JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip. Thanks Bob, it works on kindle paperwhite running

OK, me too. ), Download the firmware image relevant to your Kindle onto your computer, Validate this file then transfer onto your Kindle.

5.8.11 pw3 JB successful. 5. Just go to step 2 directly; if your OS version is 5.3.4 or 5.3.6, you need to upgrade or downgrade it to 5.3.5. For example, you can change the wallpaper. And if your firmware versions are more advanced than 5.6.5 such as 5.7.x or 5.8.x, you can try this method to jailbreak your Kindle device. Good luck and thanks to the people who came with the idea! Does anyone know what might have gone wrong? Now i'll be stuck with ads i could care less for.

Since you can't downgrade the kindle firmware 5.12.1 to older version, so you cannot jailbreak it any more. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with the proprietary settings provided when you buy a Kindle. It is the first edition, Do your solution apply to Firmware version 5.3.9(2137120010).

10. You may be confused of jailbreaking Kindle Paperwhite as it's only an e-ink eReader which runs Linux. Vous pourrez trouver une partie de la documentation sur le jailbreak de kindle sur le site GitHub ainsi qu’un long sujet sur le forum MobileRead.

Jailbreak your Kindle with a specific firmware. Does anyone have an idea of what could I do to fix it? Les textes contenus sur ce site sont la propriété de www.liseuses.net. Greetings from the year 2019. I started with firmware version 5.8.4 then downgraded according to Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.8.x to update_PW3_5.7.4_initial.bin.

Then the device will reboot and you will see an upgrading progress bar.

Different versions of Kindles have complicated variations when it comes to installing the jailbreak. ℹ️ Le site Liseuses.net existe depuis 2012 pour vous aider à naviguer dans le monde des liseuses (Kindle, Kobo, Bookeen, Vivlio, etc) et faire la promotion de la lecture (numérique ou non). Any change to the registration status (such as switching account, deregistration) will make you face the risk of losing the application keys install by the hotfix package. Just jailbreak your Kindle Paperwhite first! 5. Is it really worth it? Now you need to put these files into different directories of your device: Put MOBI8_DEBUG and jailbreak.sh in the root directory and put jailbreak.mobi in the "documents" folder. When the jailbreak procedure has been done, you can update your firmware to the latest version with the effective jailbreak. Maybe you’d like a bit more functionality, though? Cette opération est assez technique et s’appelle un jailbreak. 3. Tap the setting option and choose the device option. You can download these specific firmware and learn how to downgrade your Kindle here.

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En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées. Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site web dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire. Even better, while the process is a bit time-consuming, it’s also pretty easy to do. (WORKS), 4.

Kindle jailbreak forums all point to the best resource for the latest jailbreak information as Wiki Mobileread. Your Kindle device must be with full battery.

( 5.8.10 or 5.8.11 are also ok). Your mileage may vary if your device is with Special Offers or you have Special Offers enabled.

You can always drop us a line with a specific enquiry about jailbreaking your Kindle if you can’t find the answer to any more questions on our site.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'pickmyreader_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_10',126,'0','0'])); Stay current on more Kindle hacks and get the most from your device by bookmarking Pick My Reader and we’ll see you soon! This is awesome because it allows you to use the device as you wish, including loading third party hacks, add-ons, and other cool tweaks. 2. Of course, there’s always the risk of bricking your device, so take care and make sure you thoroughly research what you’re doing using the most up-to-date forums for your version. Les photos contenues sur ce site sont la propriété de leurs éditeurs et propriétaires respectifs. Jailbreaking is gaining the ability to install third-party apps that don’t typically come with a device. Connect Kindle to computer again, uncompress "JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix" zip file and you will get a file named "Update_jailbreak_bridge_1.14.N_install.bin". Thank you for your feedback. Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for your post. Kindle 5.6.5 jailbreak was released, it is not complicated to complete. Is there a way to Jailbreak Kindle PW 3, fw 5.9.2, 2017, 7 gen, [bought on Prime Day], worked well, successfully downgraded firmware on a Paper** 3. everything worked up until step 5..... jailbreak files missing, Suitable for Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paper***te 2/3, Kindle Touch 2/3, 1.