The addon is functioning great but it's just annoying to choose the deck over and over again. Please give the Anki 2.1 version a try: This is a great fix. Anki is starting to grow on me. Very good addon, helps to improve remembering, Absolut nützliches Werkzeug für Bilder-Karteikarten, Makes learning anatomy so much easier and faster. Can I put text in the boxes, which also disappear on the back? Image Occlusion Enhanced is an updated version of Image Occlusion 2.0. Hopefully there will be an update. Image Occlusion lets you create cards that hide parts of an image to test your knowledge of that hidden information. aaron0520 August 5, 2020, 1:05am #1. In the future please use the add-on list for Anki 2.1 to browse through add-ons: Great for learning chemistry reaction paths. There is no guess one option when everything is covered and the one you are suppose to guess is already unmasked. Its name might sound innocuous, but it's the, most comprehensive update to Anki since Anki 2.0's release, almost five years ago. I have tried over and over to make it work with 2.1, but it just won't work. ?hide one reveal all gone? ), Fixed a rare error that would occur when the add-on would update its template (thanks to Emma for the report!). FWIW, drastic changes like this will only happen with Beta releases. open: 11: 21 Sep, 2020 07:38 AM by cranberry: Review Heatmap. I've updated to the latest anki version and add-on itself. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. A perfect tool for memorizing anatomy. This is so good if you are in med school and need to study for anatomy for instance. But leaving a thumbs-down in the review section won't make development any faster. I can upload an image an mask the terms, I click "hide all, guess one" and it maks all the terms but at the same unmasks them all when I click show answer. XD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Today's my first day using Anki and a lot of suggestions was to download this add-on. Works great for use on PC but image occlusion cards on AnkiDroid don't show up at all. Sign in

One of, if not the most handiest add-on there is. XD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Really disappointed that there doesn't seem to be an option for hide all, reveal all.

XD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It's really good for biochemistry schemes! (Not much we can do to troubleshoot the issue here). A very very very useful add-on! Modify Existing Notes. There is currently no support for updating I/O editing sessions at runtime, and while most settings will simply only not be applied, others might cause the add-on to stop working correctly until the editor session is restarted.
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It should be self-explanatory what each of them does, but you can hover over the respective button to get a more detailed description, 4 additional fields to give your notes enough space for all the extra information they might need.

So after when i finished adding some cards to the subdeck using Image Occlusion Enhanced for Anki 2.1, it redirects back to the main biology deck instead of the subdeck so I will have to choose my deck again after adding the cards using this addon. Please add a post in the thread above, detailing what the issue is and adding more info about your Anki system, other add-ons you're using, etc. If i remove the added IO card again it is back to normal. EDIT(17/07/2015) Add Light version for a little changement and best performance ! how would i live without this?? This should fix most of the problems users were experiencing with non-latin locales (e.g. ), New option for ignoring fields when editing, New error dialog that provides a help button, More verbose tooltips when generating notes, Line color and width should now be preserved when switching to a different tool, Possible fix for a module import error on macOS, SVGEdit: fixed most of the random opacity changes, SVGEdit: fixed some issues with the stroke and fill attributes, SVGEdit: added initial fill color to the color palette, SVGEdit: updated hotkey assignments to improve usability, SVGEdit: added "Esc" hotkey to deselect current selection, Update mask fill colour when upgrading from Image Occlusion 2.0, added support for preserving occlusions and labels when creating new notes based on old one, bug fix: support for special characters in file names on Windows. If I ever see the need to change the template for a stable update I will implement it in a way that asks you for confirmation first. Though being a Patron also comes with a lot of perks, including: By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process.

The enhanced elemental images without occlusion are reconstructed. ?hide one reveal all gone? Or! ?hide one reveal all gone? This is an absolute game changer that truly opens up a new line of study. But i doesn't work ??? XD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? First release of Image Occlusion 2.0 Enhanced. Image processing Occlusion Detection and Handling 527 4. Very good. Pictures are too big to review. Very easy to use and a huge time savor. very help full mainly to a medical student........ Use it all the time!
7. While trying to draw a rectangle with my trackpad, the cursor jumps like crazy!! I am aware of the deck selection issue, and a fix for it will be landing in the next release. Just a bit of Problem: it blackout when I finish editing Image and try to close. <3. Hi there. open: 1: 22 Sep, 2020 12:59 AM by Damien Elmes: Speed Focus Mode stopped working .