The only steps you have taken appear to have been with the 'Same' disc...try another. I do have a couple of friends that are ver computer savvy, but have never attempted this type of recovery. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. If you already own a Sky+ HD box, rarely archive programmes on disc or aren’t satisfied by Freesat’s current HD offering, then this isn’t the product for you. We then compressed the ”Bleak House” DR file using the lowest-quality hi-def recording mode (HL) and the results were amazing. has affiliate partnerships. Hi Paul, no sorry we can't say why this would be happening. • Although this unit can use USB 3.0 devices as USB 2.0 devices, in certain cases USB 3.0 devices cannot be used due to differing connector shape, larger current ratings, etc. The unit itself is not dissimilar to Panasonic’s standalone players, the DMP-BD60 and BD80, with its mirrored fascia and slim-line dimensions. Most external HDD's available these days have a 3.0 connection rather than 2.0.

They will be able to assist your inquiry. Experience a World of 4K Quality. I am not sure whether their techniques are applicable to a situation when HDD is accidently formatted. To the right are two indicators, one for each tuner, which light up red when recording is in progress. Also dhecked machine is up to date with software, which it is. Problem is that I have very little computer knowledge. Fetch Mighty has very bad reviews, what is there to turn to.

The DMR-BS850 is one of the most talked about and eagerly anticipated home cinema products of recent times, and we’re thrilled to have finally got our hands on a sample. Thanks in advance . Does that mean that a HDD with a 3.0 USB connection wouldn't work?

I can't offer a reason, other than disc issues...I have 3 machines and no issues with any of them. Groundbreaking technology like this is always expensive – just look at Panasonic’s first DVD/HDD recorder and Blu-ray player, both of which cost £1,000 at launch. Movie freezes in the same spot 51 min into the movie.

Good catch on finding this. The only good thing I can think of at this point is that as soon as I realized what I had stupidly done, I unplugged the unit and placed it in a corner. It’s also worth remembering that the DMR-BS850 doesn’t just support Blu-ray discs – it can also record and playback every DVD format, including dual-layer discs. You can move programs from HDD to USB HDD and back the other way. Any ideas why this would happen? Further details in the disclaimer. Then I couldn't use it on my PC.

if multiple recordings you may end up with one of three being recorded. Difficulty is that the HDMI board is integrated into the main digital board. ..."Record directly to external storage"....the BWT955 says Yes ...the UBT1 says No.Why the differences and exactly are the consequences?Presume you record to HDD first...then transfer to the external HDD?

A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. H Sam, Please call 132600 which is our customer service team. Likewise a broadcast of ”Van Helsing” on ITV HD, which looks stunning live and recorded thanks to its pin-sharp detail and vibrant, natural-looking colours. I left it for hours. It also alerts you about overlapping recordings and a series of prompts help you resolve the issue.

Thanks MP for replying appreciate your input. This means recordings look exactly the same as the broadcast, which is particularly important when it comes to hi-def material. Difficulty is that the HDMI board is integrated into the main digital boardReplacement cost is prohibitive, Hi - My DMR-955 has had an annoying problem since Day 1. The easy-to-read display panel on the front uses large digits for the main section, with a variety of icons on either side, but sadly it doesn’t display the name of the current channel, just the number. Purchased player 2 weeks ago and played my first Blu-ray movie. Really any USB2.0 hdd, up to 2TB capacity, with its own power supply and formatted NTFS should work. The core controls are intuitive and as per usual the labelling, button size and layout are spot-on, making it one of the most user-friendly recorder remotes around.

And as a Blu-ray player, the DMR-BS850 performs brilliantly, with picture and sound performance that lives up to the lofty standards set by the DMP-BD60 and BD80. Why the hell does this have 4 K symbol on the front, when it doesn’t play 4 K movies... WHY ???? I rang Panasonic and they told me to deregister the USB. Does any one know how to clear all of the recording on the hard drive I tried in the menu under Initialize- shipping conditions and default settings but those options don't clear all of the recordings?

Also tried to fast forward from the spot when if freezes, and it still froze. We recorded a bunch of hi-def Freesat programmes onto the hard disk and the resulting quality is flawless – you simply can’t tell that you’re watching a recording.

I have checked the option on previous recorders and it’s available, but for some reason it’s not available on the BWT955? 

That which may be known of God is evident within man, for God has shown it to them, so that they are without excuse. This Panasonic does not have a current browser so you can not load playstore and add apps through that. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Copied to Blu-ray, the same excellent picture quality is maintained.

Judged purely on its technological merits, the DMR-BS850 is a truly astonishing piece of kit. The deck’s ability to output DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD as a bitstream or convert them into PCM means you can get sensationally sharp and involving multi-channel sound out of it, provided your amp has an HDMI input (there are no multi-channel analogue outs).

Ian A 3 months ago.,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I rang Panasonic and ended up talking to someone (obviously not a technician as they had a significant lack of knowledge) and would not transfer me to a person with the requisite knowledge. Thanks for helping me out on that one. I encountered a problem with this DVD recorder and needed to recover the videos off the hard drive.

you have to stop recording, manually re-tune and start recording which results in significant missing material. We’ve been moaning about the lack of twin TV tuners inside combi recorders like this for some time, so we’re pleased that the DMR-BS850 has broken that particular duck. JavaScript is disabled. Thanks JB. Can it be linked to a new DMRBWT955GL so i don't lose the recordings? The menus are sensibly sequenced and everything is dressed in welcoming pastel shades and chunky text, which will make you feel at home despite the complex nature of this multi-faceted product.

Any opinions... cheers.

We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly.

rectification. I have re-tuned the channels twice and get channel 20, I get Freeview/iView on my Panasonic TV, I have spoken to Support to no avail (they assure me removing Region Codes is not the problem) - any ideas? Marty. (/centre)Direct Navigator gives you control over the myriad multimedia functions, including backup to Blu-ray or DVD and music/photo/video browsing. Hi Janet, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new unit.