I saw this tweak when I was searching for a fix. As with past editions over the years, Microsoft follows the latest version of its genre-dominating Flight Simulator with the release of a more action-oriented combat flight sim. There's a news section players can view to see items about the war, but most are terse statements that the player's forces gained or lost particular objective, or useless trivia about what propaganda movie the troops are watching.

These targets also have damage effects and can expel smoke or explode. When zooming in the external view, sometimes the camera steps in increments by keystroke, and other times it moves continuously in a smooth pan until it reaches its movement limits. February 4, 2016 in Ready Room. It is not without some annoying faults, however. MOU_AIL=25 NUMPAD1=35,8 I think the game developers did not put a lot of effort into this game.

But the realism was undeniable as I was taken out of the skies again and again. That said, however, I have found other aircraft within the CFS3 simulator that do perform quite nicely, namely, the British fighters.

The ground looks better with the abundance of trees in forests and is much more convincing at low levels with weather effects leaving snow or water everywhere. What's even more puzzling is that this happened after the front line initially had burst across the English Channel and into France. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies, October 28, 1998.

FLAPS_INCR=118,8 Awful terrain rendering, Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2014. WAR_EMERGENCY_POWER=121,8 Copy the tweak into combat.cfg and save it. Version: 1803

The campaign fails to create the sense that the player is a small but significant part of a grand war because their involvement is so abstract. Location=312,132,968,668 Along with the aforementioned squadron points, the role-playing can add a little more player involvement for those that like such features. -5 points. So I tried again and again but it just wouldn’t load. Always looking for the next new thing from them was always a treat. This open-ended and flexible campaign means you can influence events, alter history, and extend the timeline to add new technology to your arsenal. No missing file problem encountered. It can also be modded using various community-created add-ons, but that takes some patience and following the mod install instructions to the letter. How can I fix this??? You can post now and register later. cfs3 works great! PANEL_MASKING_OFF=0 SLEW_LEFT=37,8 2020-11-06 datboi753

Screenshots from More than 16400 old games to download for free! joystick=1 Range_indicator=1

2018-10-05 There are immediate benefits in this approach. Difficulty=0 For CFS3 ETO and Over Flanders Fields, there is a little more work to do, to change the paths in the bat files and in the registry, but its pretty easy to find them. I wish I could give you a link to it but I can't find it today. Sluggish response. STARTUP_DEMO= NameTags=1 VIEW_UP=12,41 TYPE=0 MIXTURE_LEAN=112,11 BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_35=VIEW_REAR_RIGHT/PAN_DOWN_RIGHT Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. THROTTLE_90=57,8 Clouds=1 Suggestions/, Mosquito69 Downloaded, unzipped, ran CFS3.exe, "MS CFS 3 has stopped working"...any solutions? It appears that the link to the Rising Sun expansion that are available from the previous comment are no longer available, the pages linked on the site in the comment (which itself does not host the expansions, thankfully the Solomon Islands campaign is here) have apparently been lost.

There are animated addendum for many of the tactics, and really diving (pun intended) into the manual will make you a better pilot. I have been killed many times in this flight simulator. Many times you have to do a lot of different tweaks to get them to work. TOGGLE_RADAR=120,8 As real as it gets: nothing will be outside of historical possibility. The no cd patch is just a replacement for the file cfs3.exe. Enhanced campaign play: players will be involved in fighting tactical missions in a campaign where their success or failure can move the front line, influence the quality of equipment available, and even change the outcome of the war. Siggy BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_37=VIEW_REAR_LEFT/PAN_DOWN_LEFT Radio_com=1

You can select the previous Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or 3.

This open-ended and flexible campaign means you can influence events, alter history, and extend the timeline to add new technology to your arsenal. force_crash_enabled=1 AIRCRAFT_TEXTURE=1 Great success -- or unexpected failure -- can change the course of events, leading to an alternate history determined by the player's decisions and actions.

The price for all this is the usual; CFS3 is less forgiving on slower hardware and really prefers a strong video card. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Once CFS3 players have selected a career path (fighter or bomber) and a nationality (American, English, or German), the campaign gives them the ability to choose their own missions in the front line sectors. BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_32=1

System Type: 64-bit operating System, x64-based processor

BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_04=WAR_EMERGENCY_POWER REAL_ENG_STOP=1 The damage effects are the best yet in the series, with engine fires and smoke helping to identify damage levels. I will continue to check out some other options though. NUMPAD4=37,8 Unfortunately, this simulator seems more like a step sideways, or even backwards, in terms of graphics quality and neither my husband or I enjoyed the missions. BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_37=1 CannonAmmo=240 AXIS_EVENT_00=AXIS_SLEW_SIDEWAYS_SET AXIS_SCALE_01=64

The missions are excellent, the campaign(s) with dynamic battle lines (determined by your mission type/timing/performance), and pilot experience modifiers along with terrain, historical enemy tactics, and no nonsense/brutal AA weapons make this sim a real gem.

My husband loves Combat Flight Simulator 2 (Pacific theater) and really likes 1 (also European theater), so he was dying to try a Battle for Europe sim from Microsoft that would have graphics more on poor with the CFS2. or search for this webpage: Langue de la version disponible en France. Once I changed combat.cfg and added the tweak everything works the way it did in 1998. ALL_LIGHTS_TOGGLE=76,8 Prompts for "CD 2" then when you click the other file, nothing happens. BRAKES_RIGHT=123,8 Multiplayer doesn't appear to use the Microsoft Gaming Zone as earlier CFS games did, and the change has both positives and negatives. RUDDER_RIGHT=135,8 BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_36=VIEW_REAR/PAN_DOWN RUDDER_TRIM_LEFT=45,42 To read a disc image you need a disc drive emulator like Daemon Tools or PowerISO, once you have one of those installed (most are free or have shareware versions) you can read disc image files in the same way your computer would read a real CD.

VIEW_FORWARD_UP=38,42 So if Win 7 is the only OS you have (i have two hard drives, one loaded with win 7 and the other XP) buy at your own risk, these are all old games and may not work at all on win 7 or Vista. AXIS_NULL_01=36 VIEW_LEFT=37,41

Goes without saying, we have to unzip the downloaded zip file first! CHECKLIST_VIEW=67,9 I've yet to plow into an ME-109 in over 14,000 kills, but I am only too familiar with the tail end of a Tempest or Spitfire, even after dodging the fearsome and accurate fire-power comming out of said end of the aircraft! One gets to fly any of many types of aircraft, from P-51's, Spitfires and ME109's to name just a few. SKIP_ACTION=88,8


LastPilot=Bishop. BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_32=VIEW_FORWARD_UP/PAN_UP After that open the drive like you would any other, find the setup.exe and run it.

BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_33=VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT/PAN_UP_RIGHT SOUND_FADER5=0.800000 Just one click to download at full speed! The German Fw 190 and Me 109, and British Spitfire, return for more action. There's a little more radio chatter than there used to be, but sometimes wingmen use a generic, "I shot one down," even when attacking ground targets, which sounds a little funny.

It loaded up super fast. LOG_FILE= If you downloaded the game on C:/, this should be in C:/Microsoft Games/Combat Flight Simulator 2/. How you handle these tactical and technological advantages will determine the outcome.

These skills came in handy when flying in clouds on this simulator.

Flying anti-shipping strikes, we noticed that the warp would send us directly to the primary target area, but wouldn't stop when passing other possible secondary targets. BRAKES_LEFT=122,8

BRAKES=190,8 Edition: Windows 10 Pro KBDELEV=64

FAQ TEXTURE_WATER=1 - After install, replaced the installed cfs3.exe with the one included inside the NoCD zip file. They can also spend prestige points to transfer to a different air base or gain a new aircraft type early. VIEW_REAR_RIGHT=34,41

.bwi (BlindWrite image)

Contrast this to Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. AXIS_EVENT_03=AXIS_SLEW_HEADING_SET ESRB Rating: Everyone | Dec 16, 2003 | by Microsoft. IF you don't have the first two MS combat flight simulators, get those first not this one!

GEAR_PUMP=71,10 PREV_VIEW=9,11 Released in 2002 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. MEASURE=0 Many thanks! SLEW_ALTIT_FREEZE2=113,8 In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. I flew many hours in every flight simulator Microsoft came out with. THIS IS WHAT I DID TO MAKE IT RUN Mounted the .iso using PortableWinCDEmu 4.0 (google it) first, then ran the installler under win xp sevice pack 2 compatible mode in win 7. Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2014, Can any any one help me?according to all the reviews I've read about this flight simulator there is no problem loading and running it in windows 7 home p.c.

A bundle of vintage and modern comabt system. -1 point, Chris

BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_33=1 BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_35=1 Very Dated. HideMenuNormal=0 The good news: the multiplayer lobby and matching function is now integrated into the game and facilitates quickly getting online. SLEW_ALTIT_FREEZE1=114,8 (So you need BOTH the 3.1 patch and the no cd patch). FULL_SCREEN=2 PANEL_TOGGLE=219,9 The only thing that I changed was LastJoystickName=Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick under [Controls] and Device=Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family GUGSPD=2 I had just bought my 286 class computer and really I am really into planes.