Add this style just above the widget code:. Hello. I can not do anything about it :(.

To do this, click above on. How do I change the width to match my overall look on the sidebar?

Advanced Random Posts Widget For Blogger with Thumbnails and Snippets. This is a very cool widget that can be added at the blogger sidebar and also Blogger footer to increase your Blog page view. However, by installing a free plugin you can increase the chances of your visitors stumbling upon more of your classic content.

In the next fields you can check which of this informations you want to show in widget. Hi! trial today! Allows you to display them with thumbnails, post excerpt, multiple category and more. As the Advanced Random Posts Widget plugin is free to use, it can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory.

Support » Plugin: Advanced Random Posts Widget. It looks like its bold, but I would like thin letters.

This tutorial will show you how to add a random posts widget to display a list of posts in a random order with thumbnails and excerpts. Work fast with our official CLI.

Or can you change the dots into this: _________ ?

This shortcode-enabled plugin lets you insert a random image into a Post or Page from the gallery/attachments of that Post or Page. Wish you all the Best. Thank you ( One question though: Right now the thumbnails are all vertically alligned, is there a way for me to display them next to each other, like in two columns, so instead of having 6 vertically alligned images, I'd have 3 pairs.

I'd like to receive the famous WhiP newsletter. Thanks, great blog. The advantage of random post widget is that it shows different posts to any users and doesn't repeat posts frequently. I need This Widget. 5. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. i need this very much please do something..?

Try to add it again and if it still doesn't work, let me know and leave the code on the page so that I can see what the problem is. You can change the background of the preview to the same as it is on your blog to see how the widget will look on your site. The list of posts can be formatted to include just the title, or also an excerpt, a thumbnail image, and the post date.

Unzip. Thank you so much! I want only the snipped image and title. Thus, a random posts widget that will allow visitors to find content more easily could be really useful. Paste this just above the widget code:To control the width of post container, you can change the "width:150px" property. Manage 1 Site, All 11 Pro plugins, services & much more, Manage 10 Sites, All 11 Pro plugins, services & much more, Manage Unlimited Sites, All 11 Pro plugins, services & much more, Manage all your sites in one simple place, Fastest, easiest, best-supported WP Hosting, Instant access to support and installation.